JC1 ETD Consultants Pty Ltd


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In order to offer this service to you at this low price we need certain documents from you.  They are:  

1.    CIPC Documents (Company Registration)

2.    Business Plan and Company Profile

3.    Accreditation Report and SETA/QCTO Accreditation Certificate with Scope

4.    Financial Surety Agreement

5.    OHS Certificate and Audit Report (OHS Compliance Audit Report/Certificate)

6.    List of Qualifications or Part-Qualifications that you are offering

7.    List of all your Training Sites (head office plus other, if applicable)

8.    SARS Tax Certificate and SARS Tax Compliance Status Pin Page - must be valid.

9.    Annual Financial Statements (this is compulsory - the latest will be accepted, must be signed off by Auditor/Accounting Officer, as well as the Director/Members)

10.  Student Brochure/Calendar or Prospectus (how do you market your product?)

11.  Learner Enrolment Template/Form (what template does the learner complete for enrolment/registration?)

12.  List of Management (Designation, Name, Surname and ID number - clear copies of ID)

13.  Current Student Data (in any format, we will compile it as per the requirements of the DHET - this must be for 2017 learners and any other learners that is currently on your database on any learning program)

14.  Signed authorisation/power of attorney allowing us to act on your behalf in matters relating to the registration of your company with the DHET.  This document authorizes us to declare your completed application file at the SAPS Commissioner for you.

Should any of the specific documents such as the Business Plan, Student Brochure/Calendar or Prospectus, Learner Enrolment Template/Form, Current Student Data not be available, we can assist and guide you accordingly.

We attend to the rest!