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Assisting ETD Providers with new Regulations

Are you struggling with all the new changes, regulations, stipulations and compulsory requirements?
Your worries stop right here!
Contact us to assist you with your application to register with DHET (Department of Higher Education and Training).
You will be dealing with professionals who will ensure that your best interest is priority!
We have a good reputation in the Education, Training and Development industry, and we are proud of our achievements and our standard of work and service we provide.
We will attend to all the stipulated requirements of the application, to register with the DHET so that you can have peace of mind.

Urgent Notice:
1. The previous 30 June 2017 deadline related to the registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training, not the QCTO. You only need to apply for accreditation with the QCTO if you intend to offer one of the 138 new occupational certificates. (Please note that the number of qualifications are increasing).  Note:  the deadline date for submission is:  30 November 2018!

To ensure that providers are not penalised in waiting for evaluation results, DHET will from February 2018, be publishing lists of providers who have applied, thus permitting verification that providers have applied.  As many of the SETA's are requiring this proof of submission, and many Employer companies are requesting the registration status of providers, it is recommended that applications be completed as soon as possible.

2. If you fail to submit your registration application with the DHET then the following will most probably happen:

  1. a) You could be prosecuted by DHET for operating without registration and listed as a 'bogus college' and/or noted by SAQA on its register for misrepresentation.
  2. b) Although this has not happened yet, the QCTO and the DHET may inform the SETAs (and other QAPs for that matter) to verify registration of all accredited providers and implement a corrective action process to ensure registration is completed as a matter of urgency.