JC1 ETD Consultants Pty Ltd


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If you feel that the time, money, resources and research required to complete this registration within the requirements of the DHET will negatively impact on your day-to-day operations, then this is the way to go.  We have reliable, professional and experienced consultants who can address the intricacies of the application requirements.  We will collate all the necessary documentation and information as prescribed by the guidelines, treat your information with respect and confidentiality, guide and advise on requirements that you do not have and assist you find solutions, resources and supporting evidence that you need.  With all of this we will complete and submit your application to the DHET.

Our main purpose and the service we offer includes:

  • Your application presented in the DHET format
  • Translating your existing documents into the DHET format
  • Produce missing documents in the DHET format
  • Provide guidance regarding particular aspects that are company specific such as OHS and Surety 
  • Declare your application at the SAPS Commissioner of Oaths for you
  • Personally hand deliver your application to the DHET and obtain a signed and stamped receipt