JC1 ETD Consultants Pty Ltd


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Our 1-stop service includes the following:

1.   We obtain all the required compulsory supporting documents from you

2.   We evaluate your documents to ensure that they meet the requirements of the DHET

  • assist in drafting letter of exemptions (should you qualify for exemption)
  • we give guidance should there be documents that do not meet the requirements of the DHET
  • once your application is completed, we declare your complete file at the SAPS Commissioner of Oaths

3.   We evaluate, print, compile (Ring Bind) and personally deliver your completed application for registration to the DHET

4.   We handle the payment of R500.00 to the DHET 

5.   We personally take your Application for Registration to the DHET offices in Pretoria

6.   We ensure that we obtain a delivery receipt for your application from DHET

7.   Confirmation of application delivery is scanned and emailed to your for peace of mind and for your records

8.   In case of any queries, we will attend to it (should you require further assistance) and resolve issues allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: Managing your Business.